You probably have heard that text messaging is becoming the dominant form of communication in this connected world of ours.  In fact, I had to bump my wife’s text messaging plan to the unlimited level in order for me to afford it.  It is ridiculous that text messages cost so much, but the cell phone companies know how much we love to text.

How come businesses have not joined in on the texting craze?  The biggest hurdle is how to actually do it.  It seems silly (but some businesses do it) to buy a cell phone just to text your customers.   There are lots of reasons not to do it this way, but what is the alternative?

Connected To Us is designed specifically to let businesses communicate with their customers via text messaging.  We throw in some additional cool things like voice calling and live communication from a web browser, but the core is the texting.

If you are a doctor’s office, and you need to let your patients know that the doctor is running late because he/she had to go to an emergency surgery, it is quick and easy to send a mass text message.  And what if one of those patients can’t make it? They can reply back and reschedule right there.  If you need to talk to them, that is when the in-browser voice communication works best.

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Connected To Us can be used for many situations, but we wanted to share a specific one with you today.  Connected To Us grew out of several intersecting ideas, most of them originating with the use of the sister product, Diner Connection.  See, Diner Connection is a wait-list solution for restaurants that sends a text message when your table is ready.  The use of text-messaging is becoming the preferred means of communication for people, and we have had several requests to adopt the technology for other verticals.  We have even organizations use Diner Connection for purposes other than a restaurant wait list.

So we created Connected To Us.  One of the organizations using Diner Connection is a church, and what they are using it for is to keep a list of people who can be available when they are needed.  They had been using coaster pagers in the past.  The continual cost of replacing broken pagers, the limited range, and the lack of two-way communication became too much for them to bare.  They stumbled across Diner Connection, and immediately saw it as a solution to their problem.

The church keeps two lists going, a medical responder list and a “Hope team” responder list.  When members of each group arrive on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights, they check in with the main desk and they add them to the appropriate list.  The application sends them a message letting them know they are on the list.  In the event that requires a response, the main desk can simply click the button in the application and a text message is sent directly to the person.

Connected To Us was designed with them in mind.  First off, just like Diner Connection, you can customize all of the messages that are sent from the application.  One of the first requests is to let them change the interface so that they can name the buttons.  Instead of “Ready” they can rename it with “Hope” or “Medical”.  We have also integrated customized lists into the contact list.  They can now keep separate lists for each of the response types, and they can keep separate lists for different days of the week.

The church loves the application, and it is a perfect solution for them.  Many organizations have found that this is just what they are looking for.  If you are interested in learning more about Connected To Us, visit the website, email us at or give us a call at 918-897-1234.

Connected To Us is the communication hub for your distributed organization.  What does that mean?  Well, Connected To Us lets you add contacts to a list, and then communicate with them via text messaging, automated voice or talking to them live.

This is a perfect solution for things like events where you need to communicate with vendors, volunteers, security or support staff but don’t have the budget or need for radios.  Maybe your church needs to keep a list of emergency or hope responder for during services.

You can try Connected To Us right now, free of charge by going to and click the “Sign Up” button.