You probably have heard that text messaging is becoming the dominant form of communication in this connected world of ours.  In fact, I had to bump my wife’s text messaging plan to the unlimited level in order for me to afford it.  It is ridiculous that text messages cost so much, but the cell phone companies know how much we love to text.

How come businesses have not joined in on the texting craze?  The biggest hurdle is how to actually do it.  It seems silly (but some businesses do it) to buy a cell phone just to text your customers.   There are lots of reasons not to do it this way, but what is the alternative?

Connected To Us is designed specifically to let businesses communicate with their customers via text messaging.  We throw in some additional cool things like voice calling and live communication from a web browser, but the core is the texting.

If you are a doctor’s office, and you need to let your patients know that the doctor is running late because he/she had to go to an emergency surgery, it is quick and easy to send a mass text message.  And what if one of those patients can’t make it? They can reply back and reschedule right there.  If you need to talk to them, that is when the in-browser voice communication works best.

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